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Live with goods, machinery parts processing

by:HENRY PARTS     2020-10-09
In the live web celebrity, also can have mechanical parts processing services! Traditional manufacturing to play a new pattern, it must take all sorts of new promotion platform are used up, from the web site to a short video, dare to eat crab precision parts processing factory a didn't fall. If you lose step by step in slow step, step, many opportunities will be competitors beat her. Mobile Internet environment must have new thought, a lot of CNC parts processing concept of boss is a stubborn too much, always think traditional manufacturing has insurmountable gap with live with goods. Live fire the fast-moving consumer goods, really bring metal processing products, because our customers have a fixed viscosity, often is not change. The idea is only half right, don't metal processing customers like to watch a short video live? Such precision parts processing plant should be welcomed by customers, isn't it? Although we are also feeling the stones across the river, but we just dare to try to play live with goods, short video last year began to trill, irregularly upload video of machinery parts processing. A short period of time really can't see the effect, but is not equal to say live take goods had a chance to machining. As long as a potential customer clicks on a short video, we live platform algorithm will take the initiative to give him a push similar video, slowly you will get the trust of the customers, CNC machining parts orders may be at a certain time and to.
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