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Learn basic knowledge of the shenzhen mechanical precision parts processing

by:HENRY PARTS     2020-10-14
More precision parts processing in the process of manufacturing, due to the requirements and production conditions such as different parts, the manufacturing process is not the same. The processing plan of the same parts with different production, its production efficiency and economic benefit is not the same. On the premise of ensure the quality of the parts, proposed has good comprehensive technical and economic benefits, feasible process plan design process known as parts of the process. A, shenzhen precision parts processing machinery production process and technology of the process: 1. Production process from design drawings to product, to go through a series of manufacturing process. Will usually raw materials or semi-finished products into the product passes through all the process is called the production process. Production process usually includes: ( 1) Technical preparation process including market research, forecasting before a product is released to production, new product identification, process design, standardized examination, etc. ( 2) Refers to directly change or process raw materials on the surface of the semi-finished products of size, shape, position, surface roughness, or performance, make it become the finished product process. For example, liquid forming, plastic form, welding, powder forming, machining, heat treatment, surface treatment, assembly, etc. , all belong to the technological process. Reasonable process writing into guiding the production of technical documents, the technical file called process planning. ( 3) Auxiliary production process refers to the basic production process to ensure the normal conduct of necessary auxiliary production activities. ( 4) Production process refers to the organization of raw materials, transportation, storage, storage, supply and product packaging, such as sales process. two Shenzhen of mechanical precision parts processing process: parts of the machining process is composed of a number of processes, each process step and by location, industry, feeding and installation. ( 1) Process on a machine or work in the same location on one or a set piece for completion of that part of the process. Process is based on the work site is divided into change and whether work continuously.
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