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Learn about the machining accuracy of precision parts

by:HENRY PARTS     2020-10-01
As is known to all, the precision parts processing, known as precision machining, it is because of its machining process and technology request is very high, the product of the request extremely high accuracy, and precision parts machining accuracy contains the location accuracy and the precision of size, shape precision and so on, summarizes the following factors affected the accuracy of precision parts processing. Machine tool spindle can beat the machining accuracy of parts have a certain error. The accuracy of machine tool guideway inaccuracy can also cause fine parts processing error of the workpiece contour. Driving part can also cause the workpiece machining error, this also is the main elements of workpiece appearance errors. Cutting tool, jig of varieties of different will be different levels of influence on machining precision of workpiece in cutting processing in the process of change will incur as a result of the position of the stress points attack system to produce the deformation, resulting in a difference, also can make the precision of the workpiece to produce cutting strength of different size, different levels of error can cause artifacts, precision is affected. Process, thermal deformation of error in the system of machining process, the process system in a variety of produce certain thermal deformation under the action of heat produced by the process system of the heat deformation often causes the precision of the workpiece was affected. Machine tool thermal deformation causes workpiece and deformation.
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