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Large CNC machining center servo system common fault? What are those?

by:HENRY PARTS     2021-03-23
As is known to all, is to provide power to the machine tool servo system in the system, no servo system of machining center is not carried out on the workpiece machining, so the servo system is very important in the processing center, servo system is a failure, the entire production has to stop, small make up today is to introduce what are the common fault of machining center servo system? Fault forms including CNC machining center servo system of speed alarm indicator lights on the unit and blown fuse and various protection jumped with the alarm switch, etc. The meaning of warning lights along with the differences in the design of the speed control unit is also different, generally have the following several kinds: 1, the current large machine alarm, alarm occur large current in general, there are two possible is the speed of machining center CNC control unit the power on the driving element alarm caused big damage and short circuit current. 2 can also lead to machine alarm, high voltage, high voltage alarm happens, generally there are three possible, may be a machining center CNC input voltage more than ten percent of the rating, or the inside of the servo motor insulation performance, speed control unit or machining center line caused by high voltage. 3, low voltage cause the machine alarm, machining center such a chance is rare, this happens is likely to be the input voltage is less than eighty-five percent of the rating, or the power supply to poor connection. 4, the detection speed feedback path is broken cause alarm, this happens is a false alarm, because there is no question of airport capacity, and test feedback system problems, this alarm is mostly machining center CNC servo motor speed feedback line or the test line caused by poor contact. 5, protection switch to start the alarm, protection switch is a device to protect the machine, such as large voltage will burn some element some machine tool can not control the emergency measures, such as protection switch when encounter these situations will start, avoid unnecessary damage of element, similar to the safety stop, etc. 6, overload alarm, the causes of overload alarm are machining center CNC mechanical load is not normal, or set the upper limit of speed control unit on the motor current is too low. Loss of permanent magnet in the permanent magnet motor caused by overload alarm, if machining center CNC turn the hands of motor racing without brake fixed or axis of rotation is very laborious, as permanent magnetic all fall off. 7, the speed of machining center CNC control unit on the fuse or circuit breaker tripping. Large CNC machining center servo system common fault? What are those? Did you know? Above is the small make up for some simple introduction of large CNC machining, for details please consult our website. Web address: WWW. henryparts。 com
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