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Large amount of mechanical parts processing, the price is with preferential treatment

by:HENRY PARTS     2021-02-17
Recently, ningbo precision machinery parts processing manufacturer customers are very busy, at the end of inquiry in an endless stream. Ningbo precision machining expert analysis, the heat wave of mechanical parts processing may be affected by the year-end rushed performance, many clients want to arranged by the end of the plan in the coming year, a lot of products need to be prepared in advance. As a result, most suppliers are working overtime for this time of the rhythm, and at the end of a season. Many mechanical parts processing customers, find ningbo precision machinery parts processing manufacturer's contact information is directly related to, from drawings, ask for quotation information. We usually ask is to tax, or the price exclusive of tax, customers want is tax included. This year's tax cuts JiangFei also let us a much lower cost for the manufacturers, to promote the role of sales is obvious, this year our industry overall performance is good. Actually ningbo precision machinery parts processing manufacturer after quote price, customers are think the price is a little expensive, hoping to give some discount. In fact, the cost of mechanical parts processing related to the number. If is 1, 2, and 10 different prices. If do 10, the unit price will be a lot less. Even do one, two customers, can hope to do the unit price of 10 for a precision parts processing products. Every time in this situation, we will tell the customer, is you get what you pay for mechanical parts processing, precision parts processing services in more than 10 years, and rest assured won't have what problem, or as a price for the first time, if the next 10, minus the extra from the next quotation price. The customer satisfied with such offer. As for delivery date, ningbo precision machinery parts processing manufacturer will be in accordance with the requirements of the customer, as far as possible ahead.
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