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Japanese machinery parts processing, gave rise to new application of artificial intelligence

by:HENRY PARTS     2020-11-13
With the development of artificial intelligence, a lot of intelligent mechanical parts processing products are endowed with self learning ability. In view of the application of all kinds of social scene, also need a variety of service robots, at this time, intelligent mechanical parts processing technology becomes the key to innovation. Japanese manufacturers, in the robot exploration on the road, always walk in the forefront of the world. In addition to the familiar industrial robots, Japan each big machinery parts processing manufacturer also launched agriculture, education, nursing, medical and other humanoid robot. Robot in the field of agriculture, for example, each big manufacturer can get Japan's ministry of economy, trade, agriculture, forestry and fisheries ministry close support. China, by contrast, the CNC parts processing enterprises explore these applications, still in its infancy, not to mention the government departments to cooperate. In the field of service robots, Japan precision parts processing giant - — Toyota launched the third generation of personification robot. The T - HR3 products, height, 1. 54 meters, weight 75 kilograms, is near the size of the adults, the body can have on the multiple shaft mobile 29 torque servo module, which can perform complex movements. The manipulation of the intelligent mechanical parts processing products is very special, operating on the gloves have a variety of sports and mechanical sensor, operator's action can accurate perception, and pass motion commands to the robot. By VR glasses, operators can get the robot's field of vision, it makes accurate finish all kinds of remote control humanoid robot action is possible. According to the precision machinery parts processing expert introduction, these features can be in home care, construction, medical emergency rescue and disaster relief, and other fields.
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