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How to reduce the noise when precision machinery parts processing?

by:HENRY PARTS     2020-11-13
Precision machinery parts processing when will have the presence of the noise and the noise will not only interfere with the normal work of the relevant personnel, but also a kind of pollution. So how to reduce the noise when precision machinery parts processing? Below small make up to tell you! 1, civilized production: gear transmission noise has more than 30% of the causes from the burr, knock against injury. Some precision machinery parts processing factory in front of the gear box assembly, remove burrs and knocked wounded, is a passive way. 2, ensure the accuracy of gear blank: the precision requirement of the size of the gear hole in the middle of the hole deviation difference about distribution, plus or minus 0. 003~±0. 005mm; If the out-of-tolerance and within the scope of the hole design requirements, must be classified, respectively into gear cutting process. 3, the control precision of the gear, gear accuracy of basic requirements: it has been verified by practice that must be controlled in GB10995 - gear precision 887-8, linear velocity is higher than the 20 m/s gear, pitch limit deviation, ring gear tooth to radial run-out tolerance, tolerance must be stable accuracy reached level 7. Above is to reduce the precision machinery parts processing method of noise, hope can help to you!
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