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How to develop better hardware fittings industry

by:HENRY PARTS     2020-03-29
Hardware accessories industry how to develop better hardware fittings industry how to develop better? Here are the small make up to introduce the CNC precision parts processing. In the future, the goal of hardware industry in our country is, the first step after Taiwan, the second step after Europe and the United States, with the world advanced level, real round the dream of our hardware and power. After the reform and opening up, the international metal supply on the market: Europe and the United States developed countries due to production technology rapid development and the labor price increases, the universality of products produced by developing countries, only produce high additional value products, and China has a strong hardware tools market potential, so more beneficial for the development of hardware tools exporter. China's hardware industry after more than 30 years of efforts, has become a veritable hardware big country, however, the current China's hardware enterprises still face from a big hardware hardware power shift, needs to spread the wings of a regional brand and industry. Innovation technology and brand is the way of hardware fittings industry power due to the rapid development of hardware accessories production technology and the impact of Labour is expensive, medium and low-grade products developed countries have accelerated transfer to the third world, his only produce some high value-added products. DIY products become hardware market to be bestowed favor on newly. In recent years, with the developed countries in Europe and the United States of construction hardware product design is given priority to with easy installation and maintenance, can assemble themselves ( doityourself) The market was the products and tools. Hardware products export of our country earn only 3% of total exports, is not only the problem of scientific and technological content, more important is the brand problem. Brands include many contents, including service, credit, etc. Credibility is gold, business integrity is the fundamental way. If we don't post production hardware products, the somebody else, but in their own brand to sell, can also like OEM sales price, then our GDP has turned over many times. At the same time, the hardware industry in China, doing big business involvement is a key factor. Japan's panasonic, SONY had not make appliances, but they are a big financial group, after see the prospects of the development of household electrical appliances, they all stepped in, is now a unify the whole country. How to create China's own commensurate with hardware fittings market brand, this is what we need urgently to solve a problem. With joining WTO, a large number of international famous brands and a large number of pours into China, this is what we used to say the Wolf came. The Wolf is coming and there's nothing to be afraid, the key is we should have good shotgun to block it. The hardware industry in our country the development of production, marketing must be complying with the trend toward internationalization of the domestic and international, and to promote enterprise development, new marketing to build international concept. Believe that after a period of struggle, the Chinese hardware products hit the brand will be more and more in the world. Market and industry area is the development needs to have a problem cannot be ignored, is our hardware manufacturing enterprises to national interests, must not be because of their own interests, make unfair competition. China's vast territory, the regional economic development has a bigger difference, the condition of hardware industry also has obvious regional, which related to our country national condition, is also a characteristic of the hardware industry in our country. At present, the Yangtze river delta, the pearl river delta region has become the fastest growing economy in China. In recent years, the Yangtze river delta economic zone has become the foreign investment of the fastest growing regions. In this situation, the hardware industry in jiangsu province has a huge advantage, this advantage will be radiation hinterland to expand, maintain and improve this advantage. For other domestic hardware industry base, the first thing to see is there knows inadequacy, competition development, but the metal belt must adhere to the development of healthy competition between each industry area, which will be conducive to regional hardware industry dynamic enhancement and speed up economic growth. Do the market must be linked with local needs and industry development, hardware market are no exception, it is the need of the development of the socialist market economy. Our country every year, more than $100 of hardware products exports ( Do not contain general hardware concept of mechanical and electronic products) , but truly earned is little, this is China's hardware industry very concern, is also a problem of the hardware industry in China. At present, the hardware manufacturer's primitive accumulation and accumulation of wealth have not reached a certain degree, therefore, become bigger and stronger hardware accessories industry still need a long time, it is inevitable. In the process of internationalization, we should to the challenge, hardware accessories to do their own things, first to build a good platform, integration of resources. 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