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How to control the mechanical parts processing surface roughness

by:HENRY PARTS     2020-11-12
In mechanical parts processing industry, the workpiece surface roughness also said that finish, general precision machined part surface roughness requirement is higher, in the process of mechanical parts processing, we how to control the mechanical parts processing surface roughness? Let below small make up and share! 1. Cutting dosage: refers to the can be on the cutting feed, can decrease the surface processing capacity. 2. Selects the tool geometric parameters: from the tool geometric parameters, can be appropriately point arc radius, increase with the decrease of Angle and light blade grinding out when necessary. Make it easy to machining, reduce the surface roughness. 3. Control machine tool vibration: from reducing friction between cutter and workpiece, extrusion, make tool sharpening sharp, cutting fluid and filling of certain toughness good workpiece material proper heat treatment, etc. 4. Choose the reasonable processing technology: in the process of precision machinery parts processing, processing technological process is also very important, such as unreasonable process may affect the processing quality and production efficiency. Many precision machined part need finishing complete finish requirement after rough machining. 5. Choose different raw materials, machinery and equipment spare parts, is composed of many different raw materials, according to the density of different raw materials, the process of cutting tool and machine tool selection directly related to the surface roughness. Above is how to control the surface roughness of mechanical metal parts processing, hope can help to you!
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