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How do you determine the nc machining processing route

by:HENRY PARTS     2020-04-12
How do you determine the nc machining processing route of coating production of spare parts in nc machining, cutter knife site relative to the workpiece movement trajectory is called processing route. When programming, the principle of determining processing route mainly include the following: 1) Processing route shall ensure the precision of processed parts and the surface roughness, and high efficiency. 2) Make the numerical calculation is simple, in order to reduce programming effort. 3) Should make the processing route, the shortest can not only reduce the procedures section, and reduces the time to air knife. Degree, etc. , is a knife, or feed many times to complete processing and is used in milling down milling or using conventional milling, etc. For position control of nc machine tools, high positioning accuracy required, localization process as quickly as possible, and the movement of the tool relative to the workpiece route is irrelevant, so this type of machine should be arranged according to idle the shortest route of feeding. In addition to determine size cutting tool axial movement, its size is mainly determined by deep hole of processed spares, but should also consider some auxiliary sizes, such as the introduction of the cutting tool distance and beyond. In the numerical control machine tool on thread, along the direction of the pitch of z axis feed with the rotation of the spindle keep strict ratio relations, therefore should be avoided in the acceleration or deceleration can feed mechanism in the process of cutting. For this to have the distance & delta; 1 beyond distance & delta; 2. And value associated with the dynamic characteristics of machine tool drive system, related to the precision of the thread pitch and thread. General is 2 & ndash; 5 mm, the big pitch and high-precision thread take value; Usually take about a quarter. If the thread ends in no relief groove, ending in the shape of the associated with numerical control system, general according to the 45 o finish. When milling plane parts, generally USES vertical milling cutter cutting side blade. To reduce the knife, ensure the quality of workpiece surface and the cutting tool cut and cut out the program needs to elaborate design. The surface contour milling, the milling cutter cut and cut out the point should be along the parts contour curve on the extension of tangential cutting surface and cut into parts, and should not be the method to directly cut into parts, in order to avoid machining surface scratches, guarantee the smooth contour. Milling in contour surface, cut and cut out from the extension, the cutter can be along the normal direction of the cut and cut out a contour, and cut, cut it out 'in two parts contour geometry elements, in the manufacturing process of the intersection point of workpiece, cutting tool, fixture and machine tool system balance, under the condition of elastic deformation of feed pause, cutting force decreases, and will change the equilibrium system, cutting tool will leave scratches on the surface of the parts that feed juncture, so should avoid feeding pause in the contour machining. And surface, commonly used ball head dao used & other; Line cutting & throughout; Carry on the processing. Line intercept method refers to the tool and parts contour tangent point trajectory is one line, and inter-row distances are determined according to the requirement of the precision parts processing. The coating parts production process by benchmark is the prerequisite of produce quality parts.
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