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High precision will become the development trend of nc machine tools

by:HENRY PARTS     2021-01-09
More accuracy is the mainstream trend of numerical control machine 'in the past 30 years, the world of machine tool technology have been greatly developed, the development trend of machine tool technology also presents the diversified characteristics, such as high accuracy of the trend, the trend of high speed movement, exercise more shaft, multiple trend, the trend of high reliability, multi-function trend, the trend of the reconfigurable, low energy consumption, environmental protection, such as the trend and the trend of the intelligent, but of all the trends, the most capable of embodying the of the mainstream development trends should be of high precision and intelligence. 'Liu Bingye stressed that the development trend of high precision is the mainstream of the nc machine tool, and ultra precision CNC machining precision is an order of magnitude higher than precision machining accuracy. 'Ultra precision machine tool is a leading technology research and development and manufacturing technology, will lead the processing precision of machine tool towards human not involve technology deepen constantly. Application field of ultra-precision machine tool technology have been expanded to the many aspects of our daily life, and is rich and changing our life. 'Beijing machine tool research institute Liu Bingye held on June 19, 2014 China's high-end machine tools on the BBS, points out that' when we see in complex manufacturing processing equipment, we should know that there is a certain type of machine tool rarely appeared in the industry exhibition, but it is the developed country attaches great importance to and take measures to control the machine tool, this is the ultra precision machine tools, precision and ultra precision machine tool embodies a national technology competitiveness. 'The ultra precision machining technology the technology involved is very rich. During the course of Beijing machine tool research institute more than 30 years of research, research in ultra precision machining technology and related technologies related to Liu Bingye systematically summed up the 36 key frontier research and 11 leading core technology. The research includes design, key, the moving parts, measurement analysis, process technology, manufacturing technology and main machine tool technology conditions of six aspects. Leading core technologies include: precision ultra-precision spindle structure of key technology of manufacturing, precision key structure super precision linear motion components manufacturing technologies, high resolution motion drive technology, machine tool processing manufacturing technology of key parts and components to resist external interference characteristics of the technology, high stability, fast linear motion of the structure and manufacturing technology, exercise more axis machine tool of nested structure design technology, as well as the target parts manufacturing machine integrated manufacturing technology, etc. 'In the accuracy of machine tools from developing course of micron scale to the nanoscale, there are three key technologies, is unable to avoid these three techniques is the threshold of nano precision machine tool research. Liu Bingye analysis ', said one of the technology is no hysteresis of bearing, the hysteresis phenomenon abound in the mechanical system, hysteresis phenomenon not only seriously affect the positioning accuracy of machine tool slide carriage movement and repeated positioning precision, also affect the movement of high resolution, but also affect the precision parts processing precision and shape of the surface roughness. And hydrostatic bearing technology is a good way to solve the mechanical hysteresis phenomenon, and can homogenize the geometric error, get a lot of application in ultra precision machine tools. Static pressure technology in significant progress has been made in the past ten years, since the feedback compensation technology is more mature. With flow control throttle technology improved greatly with the stiffness of hydrostatic bearing, the material hardness of the ultra precision machine tool processing enhances unceasingly. And the other two key technologies are high resolution drive technology and micro vibration processing technology of mechanical systems. Nanoscale resolution is characteristic of ultra precision machine tool performance in last decade, many factors that affect the movement. At the same time, a large number of experimental studies found that ten nanometer level exists in many mechanical actuator, the vibration signal for the execution and determination of the mechanical sensitivity caused by disturbance, this kind of vibration is called the micro vibration. 'The research on the mechanism of vibration, and to seek solutions is ultra precision machine tool path to the nanometer precision. 'Liu Bingye said. Chinese Academy of Engineering Jiang Zhuang DE on the BBS, also proposed ultra-precision machining and measurement technology and equipment in China's urgent needs. Meet the demand of the application of ultra-precision technology 'of our country aviation remote sensing, laser fusion, defense weapon system, astronomical detection and other advanced technology, the demand for large-diameter aspheric optical element is increasing, but the foreign part sophisticated optical processing equipment and technology for the embargo on China. At present, the large-diameter aspheric parts processing process of the relevant scientific research work has been carried out, but maturity is low. At the same time, the self-developed equipment and processing precision compared with the foreign level is low, advantage of unit effective joint is not enough, there are large caliber optical parts processing and ultra-precision processing technology combined with low degree of problem. ”
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