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For complex composite forming without mould manufacturing key technologies and equipment

by:HENRY PARTS     2021-01-09
CNC machining metal parts manufacturability analysis precision machine tool in machining process we must do before? The casting is the foundation of the equipment manufacturing industry important forming technology, such as aviation, spacecraft structure, automobile engine cylinder block cylinder head casting is an important, high-end equipment manufacturing complex high quality casting level is an important symbol of national comprehensive national strength. Complex casting composite forming without mould manufacturing key technologies and equipment in the national 973 plan, 4 major projects such as support, aiming at complex high quality castings morphic traditional casting precision control, process more efficiency and lower energy consumption problems such as lack of flexibility, resources, machinery and a number of units in scientific research institute and China jointly promote the 'complex casting composite forming without mould manufacturing key technologies and equipment' research and development of the project. 'Complex casting composite forming without mould manufacturing key technologies and equipment' is a kind of complex casting composite forming without mould manufacturing method, change the traditional mold foundry modelling, greatly shorten the process, efficient produce high quality castings, complex casting manufacturing accuracy, promoting the development of casting technology. After 10 years of innovative research and tens of thousands of hours forming test, the team developed the flexible extrusion of sand mold/core and complex forming process of cutting/print integration method, compound casting mold and molding sand material formula, flexible extrusion forming machine, sand mold casting precision forming machine, and casting sand mold/core online detection system 7 class 15 kinds of critical equipment and system control software, created without digital casting island, built the annual output of 600000 sets of digital engine cylinder head casting workshop; Break through the integrated design of the mould complex high quality casting, forming process adaptability, more technology process matching without forming equipment and so on three big technical problems; For cast steel/iron, aluminum, magnesium/titanium alloy castings of high quality manufacturing. With the traditional casting than, shorter time & 50 # 37; ~ 80 & # 37; And lower cost 30 & # 37; ~ 50 & # 37; 2 ~ 3 levels, improve accuracy, lose weight 10 & # 37; ~ 20 & # 37; 。 China yituo jun-feng li, deputy chief engineer in the project, the equipment and the technology is applied to the wheeled tractor, caterpillar tractor and the development of new products such as diesel engine manufacturing, will be in the use of the experience in the process of feedback to the developers, so that the device further optimization and stability. Through to the promotion of rapid prototyping technology at home and abroad, widening the application range of this technology, have achieved better social and economic benefits. The aerospace science and technology project in eight yuan, China yituo, such as more than 150 application, established in Beijing, guangxi and other 13 application demonstration base; Production, sales, equipment 106 sets, and exported to Spain, realize the engine cylinder block cylinder head, aviation engine box and so on more than 3000 kinds of complex casting manufacturing. New sales 22 nearly three years. 800 million yuan, profits, 2. 1. 5 billion yuan, to promote the aerospace, national defense war industry, automobile industry development, such as national defense security, promote the development of green manufacturing has important strategic significance.
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