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Five-axis machine tools should be how to choose?

by:HENRY PARTS     2020-10-18
More here said the machine tool spindle, refers to the degree of freedom, machine several axis represents several degrees of freedom. Usually three axis table) is an example of planar motion plus the up and down movement of the cutting tool, four axis is to point to in addition to the previous three axis combined with the rotation of the workpiece rotation or workbench, etc. In theory, the number axis, the machine tool processing and the higher the degree of freedom, the functionality of the machine tool is the stronger, but that doesn't mean axis, the more the better, for the following reasons. 1, in addition to the shaft, also look at linkage whenever said to several axis machine tool, behind also follow a few linkage. Mentioned earlier, is refers to the degree of freedom of machine tool processing, machine tool axis and the linkage of the machine tool servo axis (refers to Not including spindle) Can simultaneously interpolation. Five-axis linkage five is, for example, five axes coordinated movements during machining can at the same time. If one of the five axis or two axis can't and other axis movement at the same time, this machine is called 'five axis four linkage' or 'three five-axis linkage'. In theory, the number axis can reach more than a dozen axis, even hundreds of dozens of shaft axis, but linkage is not necessarily can reach so high, it is also a five axis five linkage machine tool is regarded as the cause of national resources of important equipment. So whenever there is a multi-axis machine tools come out, there is always a netizen to emphasize the linkage, because linkage better three-dimensional display the performance of the machine tool. 2, in addition to freedom, precision and rigidity is also very important machine refers to manufacturing machine machine, its variety, range, in the national economy plays an important role in the construction of modernization. According to different processing, the performance of the machine tool types and requirements are different, so although multi-axis can bring higher processing degree of freedom and functional, but most of the time, is not so for machining complex, has higher precision and rigid requirements for machine tools. Currently, multi-axis machine tools in processing the complex parts as well as the efficiency advantage is more obvious, is no absolute advantage in accuracy, but because of the complex fuselage design, make the machine tool of rigid slightly weak. In short, is suitable for processing is the best, in the face of different machining, machine tool spindle is not the more the better. Of five-axis linkage machine tool selection, although not all of five-axis linkage machine tool processing are used, but of five-axis linkage machine tool does represent the high level of machine tool, is to address the impeller, vane, Marine propeller, the effective means of heavy generator rotor and other complex processing. With the development of manufacturing industry, machine tool processing demand is higher and higher, five-axis linkage machine tool are expanding consumer market. So when choosing of five-axis linkage machine tool, which parameters can refer to? Below small make up will make a brief introduction. The diversity of the processed parts and machine speed, precision and rigidity elements such as restriction, five-axis linkage machining machine tool is a kind of special machine tools. Therefore, the design and selection of five-axis linkage machine tool must first from the machining parts and typical trajectory, namely considering cutting tools and parts of relative movement trajectory characteristics, the tool motion accuracy/speed/space, and the classification of five-axis linkage machine tool axes and accuracy test etc. In addition, in the high speed five-axis linkage machine tool design and selection, and comply with the following basic principles. 1, the structure of the machine tool movement characteristics is in line with the cutting tool relative trajectory characteristic on the surface of the parts? 2, machine tool 'compound motion precision' whether meet the requirements of tool motion trajectory precision and speed? 3, whether machine specification meet tool motion trajectory space required? If these are not problems, basic can determine the selected is conform to the requirements of the processing of five-axis linkage machine tool.
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