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Domestic automobile metal stamping industry development trend

by:HENRY PARTS     2021-01-05
As the sedan, communications, electronics and the rapid development of household electrical appliances and other industries, makes the increasing demand of metal parts. Many multinational companies in China to open the production line, also will be moving to China auto production factory, China accessories purchase quantity rapid growth year by year, also in Germany and is now America's auto parts factory in China products in its global purchase chain, led to the rapid development of the domestic correlation profession. And as domestic auto enterprise production technology optimization, the domestic auto parts on the world market advantage will be further highlighted. Low cost high quality calls for cutting-edge technologies are showing strong growth momentum of Chinese auto parts market, not domestic stamping die of low cost, there will be no rapid development of domestic brands, but low cost does not mean that the low levels. Chinese-made to rapid development and improve the quality, depends on the level of local parts. Auto makers in order to meet consumer demand, and constantly the introduction of new models, which requires the auto parts also corresponding constantly updated, it will inevitably put forward higher technical requirements of automobile parts, this is also the inevitable trend of auto parts market. How to enhance the level of automation and parts precision, service life and quality, is the domestic auto parts manufacturers today is to achieve important goals. Rapid development of numerical control lathe, automatic processing technology, numerical control lathe is to solve many problems faced in the development of auto parts, an effective way. The consideration when the design and analysis of manufacturability, insure the success of the process. CAE analysis and simulation parts forming process, predict and solve the problem of possible defects and forming. And parts processing automation is equipped with double workbench in automobile parts enterprises of nc machine tools, automatic tool change device ( ATC) , jobs with the photoelectric control system, automatic online measurement system, etc. , by the low speed to high speed machining, the processing process automation technology development is very rapid. The development trend of auto parts auto parts development will focus on the technical requirements of large and medium-sized high middle-grade car parts, especially the appearance of spare parts. Auto parts will have rapid development. Shenzhen cheng ruifeng technology understand, multi-function, multi-station machinery development focus is in the high accuracy, high efficiency and large, the life of the machine. Precision parts in development with a focus on the precision, large precision mechanical, and constantly improve the precision of parts. Company in line with the focus on efficiency, heavily in the introduction of processing equipment, the introduction of the production management system, to attract experienced talent, integrity-based business philosophy, adhere to excellent quality, perfect after-sales service system to provide users with reliable safe and efficient processing machinery spare parts. Look for the yuan precision parts.
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