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Do you know shenzhen precision parts processing there are several kinds of classification

by:HENRY PARTS     2020-11-18
More precision than the traditional shenzhen precision parts processing precision machining raised more than one order of magnitude. Shenzhen precision parts processing of the workpiece material, processing equipment, tools, measuring, and environmental conditions have special requirements, such as need to integrated application of precision machinery, precision measurement, precision servo system, computer control and other advanced technology. Ultra-precision machining accuracy than traditional precision improved more than one order of magnitude, in addition to the need to adopt a new machining method or the new mechanism, the workpiece material, processing equipment, tools, measuring, and environmental conditions have special requirements, etc. You know several methods for machining precision parts processing there are points in shenzhen? Let's look at together. Shenzhen precision machining accuracy in nano special processing, and eventually to atomic unit ( Atomic lattice distance of 0. 1 to 0. 2 nm) As the goal, the machining method can not meet, needed a special processing method, namely the application of chemical energy, electrochemistry energy, heat or electricity and so on, make these energy beyond the binding energy between atoms, thereby removing the part between atoms on the surface of the workpiece adhesion, bind and lattice deformation, in order to achieve the purpose of the ultra precision machining. For example, the very large scale integrated circuit process is to use electron beam of light on the mask to resist, See photo) Exposure to shoot, make the photoresist atoms under electron impact direct polymerization ( Or decomposition) , then use the developer polymerization sections or aggregation of dissolve, make mask. Electron beam exposure shot process requires a workbench positioning accuracy as high as + 0. 02 micron ultra precision processing equipment. Belong to this kind of machining with mechanical chemical polishing, ion sputtering and ion implantation, exposure to radiation, laser processing, electron beam evaporation metal and molecular beam epitaxy, etc. The characteristics of these methods is the surface material to remove or add quantity can be very little control. But for ultra-precision machining precision, still relies on sophisticated processing equipment and precise control system, and USES the ultra-precision mask as a mediator. Ultra-precision machining is mainly the ultra-precision turning, mirror grinding and grinding etc. On ultra-precision lathe with a fine grinding of single crystal diamond tool trace cutting, cutting thickness of only 1. 5 microns, often used for processing non-ferrous metal material on the surface of the spherical and aspherical peaceful mirror such as high precision, highly bright and clean the surface of the parts.
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