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Do you know about the advantages of precision metal processing

by:HENRY PARTS     2021-01-14
Processing method has a lot of kinds, we need to according to their own needs, and the advantages of various processing methods and so on to suspend to choose appropriate own, assuming that chose a not suitable for their own, in the later is certainly will affect a little bit, so we should understand before choosing advantages and defects of various kinds of processing methods. So let's learn about the advantages of fine metal processing have? Precision hardware machinery parts processing, precision hardware axis CNC machining precision is high, has the stable machining quality. Can suspend multi-axis linkage, can processing complex shape parts; Fine metal CNC machining parts change, ordinary only requirement changes, nc program can be thrifty consumption preparation time; High precision of the machine tool itself, big rigidity, can choose favorable processing amount, high consumption rate ( 3 to 5 times the ordinary for the common machine tool ; Machine tool automation degree is high, can reduce labor intensity. Fine processing using short cutting tool is the main characteristic of precision metal parts. Short tool will significantly reduce the tendency to the cutting tool, to obtain a good surface quality, avoid rework, decrease the use of the electrode, shortened the time of EDM processing. When thinking to five axis machining, it is necessary to think is the purpose of application of five-axis machining mould: as far as possible with short and machining of cutting tool to complete the enclosed also reduce programming, clamping and machining time is to get more and more perfect surface quality.
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