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Do the metal parts processing can use what method

by:HENRY PARTS     2020-10-05
Now hardware components used in many central demand, such as some parts used in the large-scale processing equipment, all kinds of traffic tools used parts, and appliances are used in our life, so doing metal parts processing time is how to calculate the price again? Aluminum alloy parts in the first place to see your drawings and technical information across requests, there is a difference between artificial and some central difference is very big, the common parts are calculated on materials + process cost + profit, to set the processing fee on process, using different processing equipment price is different, of course, some calculated on working hours, Turning time, grinding time, etc. ) 。 Some calculated on process ( As the folded plate folding knife a few money, ordinary drilling a few money, etc. ) Manufacturers but also needs to think in a few small factory can product to outsourcing manufacturing, so the price will higher, and make the product is not necessarily assure accuracy, so looking for a high quality metal parts processing factory is very important. Now doing metal parts in the application of automatic lathes and computer lathe is becoming more common. Is largely due to the two kinds of automatic processing, lowered accuracy errors caused by artificial operation to the end point, and processing speed, used for mass consumption. So doing stamping metal parts are used in lathe and what's the difference between these two approaches? Metal stamping parts, stamping manufactured in advance good mold with a punch press stop cold punching processing, main stop sheet metal processing, processing of materials are mostly plank, processing efficiency compare with high mass consumption. Lathe: hardware parts processing lathe belongs to the fine processing machinery, divided into ordinary lathe, automatic lathe, instrument lathe and computer lathe. It passes through the data after holding it stopped turning motion, by turning tool to stop the radial or axial processing.
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