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Deeply understand the CNC lathe processing

by:HENRY PARTS     2021-02-01
More in recent years, despite the precision casting, precision forging and development had certain chipless machining technology, and in the field of machining technology has also developed many new processing method, but the traditional mechanical processing still occupies the extremely important position. Predictable in a short period of time, cutting and grinding will remain the main processing method for precision mechanical parts, so choose a professional, technical strength of CNC machining manufacturer is very important. CNC means 'computer data control', is simply 'nc', advanced processing technology of nc machining is the machinery manufacturing, is a kind of has the characteristics of high efficiency, high precision and high flexible automation processing method. It is going to nc program of machining input to machine tools, machine tools in the data under the control of automatic processing artifacts out of accord with the people's will, to create the wonderful products, so that you can put the artist's imagination into reality. Such as mould numerical control processing technology can effectively solve the complex, precision, small batch and changeable processing problems, fully adapted to the needs of the modern production. But to be in this line to be athletes, must withstand the test of time, improve work ability, with ultra high engineer's theoretical level, and professional engineer of practical experience and ability, how to get to the time to be familiar with and grope for more efficient methods, such as the analyse of the below small make up to you. The first step: proficient in operating nc machine tools. Are all know nc machine tool sets drilling, milling, boring, reaming, tapping and other processes. So for technological personnel's high demand for technological literacy, nc program is to use a computer language to reflect the process of processing technology, technology is the foundation of the programming. Don't understand the process, must not be called programming. Xin jin da mechanical process engineers, to a certain extent experience. , therefore, must be a lot of time with the workers, lathe, milling machine, grinding machine, machining center, etc. , then the knitting process in the office, for material consumption, calculate quota, familiar with the performance of the various types of machine tools, workshop master the skill levels of such after 2 - Three years of practice to become a qualified technology staff. Step 2: must have a good level of tooling and fixture based measurement technology. To parts processing quality and accuracy of machine tool is as important as the role of, is one of the symbols of reflect the level of technological personnel. The entire process system, the precision machine tool is a machine tool factory guarantee, cutting tools and cutting parameters are cutting tools provide general issues is not large, only the jig is technology personnel specifically designed for specific parts, so xin jin da familiar with the process of this enterprise norms, standards and all kinds of processing technology can meet the general requirements, process of normal parts. Reasonable material consumption and man-hour quota as the three steps: familiar with CNC machine tools, proficient in numerical control machine tool maintenance. Step 4: to cultivate good habits and adapt to the characteristics of nc machining.
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