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Basic knowledge of the CNC lathe

by:HENRY PARTS     2021-03-04
More one, is the essence of the meaning of CNC numerical control under the specific process of digital information ( Don't change on the mainland digital quantity) Moves to take the initiative to master the mechanical installation, it through the change of quantity of imitating the order of the master, has the same properties. Because master information in CNC, and deal with the short message without calculating machine, which will take the initiative to master the skills through calculating machine, referred to as CNC, nc here, especially used in the numerical control machine tool processing ( The machine tool numerical control) 。 In addition, the numerical control is widely used and measurement, physical and chemical experiments and, materials and information transmission, construction, and scientific management category. Two late, the classification of CNC numerical control machine tool NC installation is composed of various logic element, memory element random logic circuit, is a fixed connection hardware structure, by the hardware to realize NC function, referred to as hardware NC, use this technique to realize the NC machine tools according to individual as NC machine tools. Calculating machine CNC ( COMPUTERNUMERICALCONTROL) , hereinafter referred to as CNC. Modern CNC system is to adopt special microprocessor or microcomputer numerical control system, by the system order in advance with the memory ( Software) To implement the control logic, the realization of local or division of the numerical control function, and through the interface cohesion and peripheral equipment, known as CNC system, such as machine tool called CNC machine tools. Three, numerical control machine tool nc machine tools is a digital information master machine tool according to the given static law, to take the initiative to machining mechanical and electrical integration of the new equipment. Nc machine tool is the product of the digital master skills combined with a machine tool, CNC machine tool skills by CNC gantry milling machine and other machine tool processing technique, using nc technique lies in the learning and use good CNC machine tools. Nc rate of a country, reflect the machine tool industry and machinery manufacturing level of up and down the country, is also weighing a country one of the important mark of scientific and technological progress. It about realizing the consumption process of the initiative, hurried into the modernization of science and technology progress and slow build, has a very serious significance. Prosperous country depending on the numerical control technique for the machinery industry to carry out the strategy of focus, and strongly promote and carry out the numerical control machine tools.
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