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Basic knowledge about precision parts processing

by:HENRY PARTS     2021-01-07
Precision parts processing as one of the products associated with a number of industry, constantly in product manufacturing process of human with outstanding results, then the precision parts processing is through what way processing? Their processing with what process? Introduced hardware tools introduced to everyone ~ broadly speaking, precision parts processing ordinary for mechanical processing, and mechanical processing mainly include: manual processing and numerical control processing two kinds big. A manual processing, is refers to through mechanical workers manual milling machine, bed, drilling machine and sawing machine and other mechanical equipment to stop for a variety of data processing method. This way of consumption compare applicable to small batch, the simple parts manufacturing precision parts processing of the product is through what way? What are their process? The nc machining ( CNC) Is refers to the workers to use numerical control equipment to stop processing machinery, the numerical control equipment including processing center, milling center, wire cutting equipment, thread cutting machine, etc. Compared with the manual processing, CNC processing product will be more accurate, used for machining complex, a large number of parts is the most appropriate. Now a lot of parts processing industry brands are stop converting from manual processing to the numerical control processing, hardware tools such as brand has rich experience in CNC machining, constantly being as iconic brands, ordinary numerical control processing of the machining process is made into the original data or half of waste scrap all the process.
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