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Young people away from mechanical processing industry? Why is that?

by:HENRY PARTS     2020-11-18
Young people engaged in machinery parts processing industry in recent years, less and less, which is a common feeling, all robots have a lot to the factory's apprentice ran, can't do it a few days really stay little. Leads to a lot of time was short, now people don't like machinery? Be free and at leisure again remind of the topic, on the Internet to find the net friend of some representative speech, sharing for everyone to see, look at the young man in the eyes of mechanical processing. What is love, or because the industry is not good. You don't like the cause of the precision machining industry about the following: 1, low wages, many students, especially boys, like to mechanical, electrical, electronic engineering, one is a personal hobbies, 2 it is more suitable for boy, resulting in the graduates are very easy to company recruitment, naturally, the wages will be lower. Actually, another reason is that the wages were low, pay less content, surface look more relaxed, but in fact, deep technical content, sometimes also is very not easy. 2, impatient wage after a short time, the majority of employees feel their pay is dirty and tired don't make money, gradually left the job, at the beginning of the 'engineer' dream from now on is over, in fact, until this step is a long and arduous process. 3, this professional, hard work is contact with the equipment of machinery parts processing, manufacturing, such as lathes, welding, casting class of intermediate frequency furnace, etc. , are particularly dirty work very tired. Moreover, the foundation, is will have a mark. So, many people can not make it through the first level gave up. After watching the small make up also made a sad tears, oneself originally so not easy over the years. At the end of the day, machinery is a need to precipitate, bitter tired dirty is very normal things, no extraordinary perseverance is impossible to stick. On this topic, don't know how to see you?
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