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Wisdom city and precision parts processing

by:HENRY PARTS     2020-10-09
Has ningbo precision machinery parts processing manufacturer, points out that due to the global wisdom city construction is still in exploring period, does not have a common to the wisdom of the urban construction template. And precision parts processing enterprises in the construction of intelligent city in China, should also be based on national conditions, with actual situation, make the CNC parts processing service with the characteristic of our country city of wisdom. Wisdom city, leave the support of intelligent products, and the intelligent products must rely on the development of intelligent precision parts processing technology. Only developed CNC parts processing service, have a first-class intelligent products to support the wisdom of the service of the city. Dominated by energy conservation and emissions reduction, such as Japan, South Korea, the wisdom of the urban construction, compared to our precision parts processing enterprises in the process of construction of wisdom city, also pays attention to consider industrial development foundation and geographical location advantages, promote the coordinated development of regional economy. Wisdom city construction in our country, meanwhile, also in improving governance and public service makes a deep exploration. Ningbo precision machinery parts processing, for example, manufacturers provide intelligent system, can real-time monitoring the urban water quality, air, dust, noise, etc. , through the establishment of early warning mechanism, reduce the risk of environmental security, reduce environmental pollution emergency the harm to human body. With the development of precision parts processing technology, more and more intelligent products will be applied in urban public services to vigorously. In the end, wisdom city is with the people as the center, cannot leave the precision parts processing technology for the development of a city. In the future, the wisdom of our city will also be with high intelligent level and optimal level of service by the ordinary people of other countries in the world, some cities even wisdom will become an important window of showing a national image.
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