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Which products is suitable for use nc lathe machining

by:HENRY PARTS     2020-11-20
More CNC lathe processing belongs to some precision metal parts for processing all of the processing method of the most advanced and efficient way of processing, thus whether any type of aluminum, copper, zinc alloy, stainless steel and other non metal material products can also processing, such as 316 stainless steel, 304 stainless steel and carbon steel material of the metal parts or are some of the different types of alloy steel materials of metal parts, etc. , and even some plastic products and acrylic products, we can make use of the numerical control lathe processing method for processing, then the production of raw materials production become some structure is more complex, with a square or circular parts. So according to the different processing method of the numerical control lathe processing, CNC lathe processing can be divided into four different types, one is used for metal cutting operation of numerical control machine tool, the second is metal forming numerical control machine tool, and the third is to make some special artifacts of nc machine tools, the last one is other types of CNC machine tools. CNC lathe processing
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