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Which good precision parts processing and surface treatment?

by:HENRY PARTS     2021-02-24
Friends often meet with the engineer, said looking for precision parts processing factory only responsible for processing, surface treatment is not responsible for, the need to find their own precision parts processing and surface processing factory communication, even didn't set aside good surface treatment allowance and cause of rework and termination are very painful. You met the same situation? You can worry about given by yuan precision machinery processing factory to solve. Yuan precision machinery provides a range of services, such as precision parts processing and surface treatment. Given yuan precision machinery for many years has been the spirit of adhering to the customer for the quality for this, mechanical equipment is perfect. To meet the needs of all kinds of precision parts processing on the market; Besides abundant numerical control technology, yuan precision machinery also has rich experience in surface treatment, cover existing surface treatment: spray paint, paint, powder spraying, sandblasting, shotblast, anode oxidation, thick film oxidation, micro-arc oxidation, electroplating, electrophoresis, laser carving, screen printing, wire drawing, mirror polishing, dyeing, black, CD, etching, highlights, etch, etc for your products icing on the cake. No publicity, this is our fault! No contact us, you might miss precision spare parts suppliers, saves time and energy for you! If you are interested in precision parts processing and surface treatment or have any questions, you can consulting - Yuan precision machinery, professional engineers to provide one-on-one service for you online.
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