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What parts of non-standard parts processing manufacturers can do?

by:HENRY PARTS     2021-01-11
Non-standard parts processing spare parts manufacturers can do what? In fact, for the mould of standard parts and non-standard parts industry, a lot of people feel fuzzy! Then, small make up to take this opportunity to briefly talk about plastic and stamping die parts of non-standard parts, non-standard parts processing: non-standard mold parts, injection molding and injection mold and product components in contact with the glue a generally are standard parts, mainly including front mould, after the mold and insert. Also, so to speak, in addition to the screw, nozzle, plunger, aprons, springs and die blank, almost all the rest are standard parts. 2 on the stamping die, stamping die design of non-standard parts of all parts can be designed as a standard, but for the sake of convenience and economy, convex die and concave die is not standard. Others according to the circumstances. Generally speaking, the mold base, guide pillar and guide sleeve are standard, the other is decided according to the situation. For these, you can view the general stamping handbook, and sheet usually are standard parts of the form. Take a look at them. Non-standard parts processing method: want to see the non-standard mechanical parts can to see first classification important parts of the machine tool machine tool parts classification devices can be divided into: cabinets, base, main shaft, flange, sheet metal, etc. Classification of produce process is not the same as the corresponding processes have different equipment, is the most common lathe ( Including CNC, general car) , milling machine, planer, grinder, radial drilling, line cutting machine, heat treatment furnace and so on. Military occupation of the large propeller must use five axis four linkage machine tool. Non-standard spare parts machining is a kind of used machinery to change the shape of workpiece size or function. According to the condition of temperature of the artifacts in the processed, is divided into cold and hot working. Usually at room temperature and processing, and does not cause the chemical and phase change of artifacts, says cold working. Processing is usually either above or below normal temperature conditions, chemical or phase change will cause artifacts, said hot working. Cold working according to the processing methods of different can be divided into cutting machining and pressure. Hot working common heat treatment, forging, casting and welding.
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