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What methods of precision machinery parts processing

by:HENRY PARTS     2020-12-03
With the development of The Times, now a lot of process all need mechanical parts processing, metal machining industry, in particular, it is necessary, then what methods of precision machinery parts processing? Today yuan gives you for friends to share. Mechanical parts processing methods mainly include: car, milling, planing, plug, grinding, drilling, boring, blunt, sawing, etc. Can also include cutting, casting, forging, electric corrosion, powder processing, electroplating, various kinds of heat treatment, etc. Car: car, sleeping car; New equipment has nc cars, the main processing of rotors; Milling, end milling, horizontal milling; New equipment have CNC milling, also called machining center; Main processing groove and the surface of the contour line, of course, can also be two axis or triaxial linkage processing surface; Plane: the main processing line surface appearance, normally processing out the surface roughness of the milling machine is high; Insert: can be understood as a stand of planer, very suitable for nonholonomic arc processing; Surface grinding, cylindrical grinding, grinding: is there a hole grinding, tool grinding, etc. ; High precision surface processing, processing of the workpiece surface roughness is particularly high; Drilling, hole processing; Boring: mainly through the boring cutter or blade boring hole; Blunt: mainly through the punch stamping molding, can be blunt round or shaped hole; Saw: mainly by sawing machine cutting processing, often used for blanking process. Above is the small make up today for everyone to share what methods of precision machinery parts processing all of the content, help you watching? Welcome to RMB, we will update for you on a regular basis about the relevant contents of precision machinery parts processing, yuan is a professional engaged in precision machinery parts processing, non-standard automatic machine parts, machining tooling fixture design development and production of professional company, welcome to yuan, we will regularly for you to share information about the mechanical parts processing.
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