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What materials parts suitable for precision machining | | FAQ

by:HENRY PARTS     2020-11-20
We know that the precision machining of precision requirement is high, precision machining of good rigidity, manufacturing high accuracy, precision of the knife, so to high requirement of machining accuracy of parts. So what materials parts suitable for precision machining? 2, the material should be soft hard moderate precision machinery parts processing materials at least lower than the hardness of lathe turning tool. At the same time, to understand what is the purpose of the precision mechanical components, to choose appropriate lathe turning tool for machining. 3, should pay attention to the density of material in the precision machinery parts processing before it is important to note that the density of material, if the density is too large, the equivalent of hardness is very big also, but more than lathe turning tool hardness hardness, will not be able to carry on the processing, will not only damage the lathe tool, also can cause danger such as turning off to fly. 4, summary of precision machinery parts processing quality of material is required, not any material are suitable, if the material is too soft then there is no need for precision machining, if the material is too hard that the lathe tool is unable to carry on the processing. Anyhow when making precision machinery parts processing, processing materials hardness is lower than the hardness of lathe tool for precision machining.
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