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What are the raw data before precision parts processing?

by:HENRY PARTS     2021-02-23
More 1, drawings, namely the product assembly drawing and part drawing, this is the beginning of all precision parts machining process must be some things. 2, the quality of the product acceptance standard, the product processing to qualify what kind of degree, this is a crucial standard, so that there must be a index as a reference in advance. 3, product production platform. This is an industry or a product's overall production specifications, such as to use what kind of material, the amount of material to achieve what standards, the quality of the product which conforms to the market demand, and so on. 4, the clear production conditions. In general, precision parts processing plants used in lathe equipment, process equipment specifications, technical level of workers, the performance of the equipment, factory production and processing capacity, and so on. 5, design manual and the related standard, mainly for two aspects of process planning and process equipment design. Six new precision parts processing manufacturing technology at home and abroad, some of the related information, your argument, while machining is not war, but the competition between industry, competition is the key technology.
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