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What are the machining products? Machined parts have?

by:HENRY PARTS     2021-01-03
More machining products have? Machined parts have? Machining process of workpieces, such as sheet metal processing: cutting, punching, folding, pressure and bending. Or machining: turning, milling, planing, grinding, drilling, sheet metal processing without changing the thickness of the material, machining to remove material change the thickness of the workpiece. Is mainly refers to not react ( Or response is very small) Processing way. What are the main classification 'machining' part? Machining and mechanical machining are mainly manual processing and numerical control processing two kinds big. Manual processing is to point to by mechanical workers manual milling machine, lathe, drilling machine and the sawing machine and other mechanical equipment to implement various materials for processing. Manual processing and suitable for small batch production, simple parts. Nc machining ( CNC) Refers to the mechanical workers use numerical control equipment to carry on the processing, the CNC equipment including processing center, milling center, wire cutting equipment, thread cutting machine, etc. The vast majority of the machining shop all the nc machining technology. Through programming, the machined workpiece coordinates in the cartesian coordinate system ( X, Y, Z) Converted into a programming language, the numerical control machine tool CNC controller by identifying and explain programming language to control the axis of nc machine tools, automatic removal of material, according to the requirement and finish machined workpiece is obtained. CNC machining in a way that is straight artifacts, suitable for mass and complex shape parts. Mechanical machining are mainly we need spare parts, such as: the composition of bicycle spare parts, automobile component parts of the aircraft and all we want to get the parts belongs to the category of mechanical processing, mechanical processing, of course, is to realize the process of the final product. Commonly used mechanical processing equipment have digital milling machine, digital display molding grinding machine, digital lathe, electric spark machine, universal grinding machine, machining center, laser welding, in silk, brisk walking wire, wire walking, cylindrical grinder, internal grinder, precision lathe, precision parts can be car, milling, planing, grinding and other processing, such machinery specialize in precision parts of cars, milling, planing, grinding, such as processing, processing can be all kinds of irregular shape parts, machining precision can be up to 2 microns and even ultra precision accuracy. Refers to the machining process of the machine production process from raw materials, Or semi-finished products) All the process made products. For machines including transportation and storage of raw materials, production preparation, blank manufacturing, parts machining and heat treatment, product assembly and debugging, paint and packaging, etc. Modern enterprise with the content of the production process is very extensive, the principle and method of system engineering organization and guide the production, the production process as a production systems with input and output. Can make the enterprise scientific management, make the enterprise more resilience and competitiveness. In the process of production, every change in the production of objects, properties, such as shape, size, location, and make it a process called process of finished or semi-finished products. It is the main part of the production process. Process: casting, forging, stamping, welding, machining, assembly processes, such as machinery manufacturing process generally refers to the part machining process and machine of the sum of the assembly process, other process is known as the auxiliary process, such as transportation, storage, power supply, equipment maintenance, etc. Process is composed of one or several of order process, a process is composed of several work step, a step work consists of several feeding. Process is the basic unit of machining process. Process refers to the one ( Or a set) Workers, on a machine tools ( Or a working place) For the same artifacts ( Or at the same time a few artifacts) The continuous finish that part of the process. Constitute the main characteristics of a process is not changing processing objects, equipment and operator, and the content of the process is completed in a row. Working step is on the surface processing, processing tools invariant, and under the constant cutting depth for completion of that part of the process. Feeding and name is work schedule, machining tools in machining on the surface of a step to complete the work. For machining process, must determine the workpiece after the order of several working procedure and process of only lists the main process name and its processing sequence of short technological process, referred to as the process route. Formulating process route is to develop the technological process of general layout, main task is to select the surface machining method, to determine the various surface processing order, and the entire process zhonggong ordinal what purpose, etc. Processes must follow certain principles.
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