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What are the advantages precision machinery processing factory?

by:HENRY PARTS     2020-12-13
Zhou Yigang began, we received from hebei customers a mechanical parts processing of 3 d drawings. This is used in household appliances, precision demand is higher, need to have a certain scale of processing equipment to meet the production requirements of the drawings, so it's test technology ningbo precision machining suppliers. Are now ready to make a first, if OK, later will be mass production. In fact, the friend of hebei province is our ningbo precision machinery parts processing manufacturer of old customers. Previously worked with several project mechanical parts processing, the quality is pretty good. As a result, their companies need to use CNC parts processing service, first will consider our service. Ningbo precision machining on earth have what advantage, can let the hebei customers that have a special liking? Precision machining industry in ningbo, we have dozens of sets of CNC machining equipment, machinery parts processing precision can reach + 0. 02 mm, more than 50 technical team, the average length of service in more than five years, plus 10 years accumulated a very rich experience in precision parts processing, can guarantee the quality and delivery of all kinds of processed products. Ningbo precision machinery parts processing factory, so the majority of customers welcome!
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