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What are suitable for precision machining parts

by:HENRY PARTS     2020-11-05
We know that the precision machining of precision requirement is high, precision machining of good rigidity, manufacturing high accuracy, precision of the knife, so to high requirement of machining accuracy of parts. So what are suitable for precision machining parts? By below small make up to introduce for you: first, relative to ordinary lathe, CNC numerical control lathe with constant cutting function, whether for surfacing or different diameter cylindrical can use the same linear velocity processing, namely to ensure the consistent and relatively small surface roughness values. And ordinary lathe is constant rotational speed, diameter of different cutting speeds are different. In the workpiece and tool materials, finish machining allowance and tool Angle certain circumstances, the surface roughness depends on the cutting speed and feed speed. When processing the surface roughness of different surface roughness of the surface of the small and the use of small feed speed, roughness of surface with larger feed rate, variability is very good, so it's hard to do the ordinary lathe. Contour shape of complex parts. Any plane curve can be in a straight line or arc approximation, CNC precision machining with circular arc interpolation function, can processing all kinds of complex profile parts. The use of CNC precision machining quality need operator used carefully. CNC precision machining mainly essence, fine boring, milling, grinding and fine grinding process: ( 1) Fine cars and fine boring: most aircraft precision of light alloy ( Aluminum or magnesium alloy, etc. ) Parts in this way more processing. Generally with natural single crystal diamond tool, the blade circular arc radius less than 0. 1 micron. In high precision lathe processing 1 micron precision can be obtained and the average height difference is less than 0. 2 micron surface roughness, coordinate precision can be up to + / - 2 microns. ( 2) Finish-milling: used for processing complicated shape of aluminum or beryllium alloy structure. Depending on the machine tool guideway and the precision of the spindle to obtain high position accuracy. Use after careful grinding of diamond segment for high speed milling can obtain precise mirror. ( 3) Fine grinding: used for machining shaft or hole parts. This kind of parts most use hardened steel, has a high hardness. Most high precision grinding machine spindle using static or dynamic pressure liquid bearings, to ensure high stability. In addition to the limit of the grinding precision is affected by spindle and lathe bed stiffness, and the choice of grinding wheel and balance, the machining precision of workpiece center hole, and other factors. Fine grinding can be obtained 1 micron size precision and 0. Out of roundness of 5 microns. ( 4) Grinding: using the mating parts on the principle of mutual abrasion of the processed surface irregular convex part of the selection process. Particle diameter, cutting force and cutting heat can be precisely controlled, so it is to obtain the highest accuracy in precision machining technology of machining method. The precision servo parts in aircraft hydraulic or pneumatic fittings, dynamic pressure gyro motor bearing parts are using this method processing, in order to reach zero. 1 or 0. Micron precision and 0 01. The microscopic roughness 005 microns.
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