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by:HENRY PARTS     2020-12-25
In the era of rapid development of industry, many intelligent electronic products industry needs high precision CNC machining parts service for our customers. The traditional precision parts processing services, has been unable to meet the demand of intelligent products, or have failed to keep pace with the development of The Times. However, the precision of the jagged suppliers are mixed in the market, for the clients by many intelligent products industry will also not choice, precision unqualified are white. Some time ago, dongguan mr. chen need to purchase a batch of metal panel. Because it is used in intelligent electronic products, the requirement of accuracy is much higher than that of before. CNC machining parts factory before cooperation has not his orders, watched his 3 d processing drawings, have suggested he please. So, Mr. Chen found several precision parts processing factory inquiry, seen after his drawings are helpless. As it happens, by chance, mr. chen partner advised him to go to ningbo precision machining suppliers, and recommend to our factory. The introducer is our old customer, know our strength in high precision CNC machining parts. Mr. Chen soon got our contact information, sent his 3 d processing drawings, our technical evaluation, made it clear that can meet the requirements of their drawings standard of precision. We also told Mr. Chen, if order here CNC machining parts, precision does not meet the drawing requirements, we can help customer to redo for free. Mr. Chen heard such commitment, place the order with you soon. Two weeks later, Mr. Chen received our physical, after testing, gasped ningbo precision machining supplier didn't let him down, hanging heart finally can put down, the future can long-term cooperation with us!
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