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Standardization is the necessary condition to specification precision parts processing

by:HENRY PARTS     2020-10-05
No sample precision parts processing market, the problems of serious problems on the development of industry. Is not only a new intelligent CNC parts processing is difficult to realize the mass production, machinery parts processing and no orders, ningbo precision machinery parts processing manufacturer also dare not into, at the same time will also affect the user's perception of ningbo precision machinery processing industry. Such as reported by the media before the voice of the robot, originally is a new intelligent precision parts processing products. Before the user does not know what is the right way to open, after exposure, think everyone is so intelligent CNC parts processing products will collect user information, a lot of ningbo precision machinery parts processing manufacturer of the product were killed by a stick. Ningbo precision machining with expert introduction, the purpose of the intelligent voice precision parts processing products is not information collection, also is not annoy users, it is simply a means to help businesses to promote. Normal commercial publicity is actually can be accepted by the market, only by some mechanical parts processing and peers to play bad. How to separate business promotion and harassment, it is demand of intelligent precision parts processing products itself. Such as intelligent voice products have strictly limited to time, other time machine will not work. In addition, will not provide or help collect user information, this is the bottom line. Currently on the market or behave ningbo precision machinery parts processing factory, but it also makes for intelligent CNC parts processing industry standard come on stage more urgent. The whole, everyone agrees that the intelligent precision parts processing industry is still a perfecting industry, regardless of the market, the mechanical parts processing plant, the problems faced by many. But intelligent CNC parts processing development direction is clear, for the masses of ningbo precision machinery parts processing manufacturer, is also necessary.
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