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Smartphones precision parts processing has entered the era of five axis nc machining

by:HENRY PARTS     2020-10-08
In 2020, yun-shuang ma 11 and smiled proudly. The author in hand pick season added a huawei smartphone. Have to say, today, the domestic mobile phone has defeated the international brand, this is what China mobile phone industry to today's achievements of the proud, the industry technology innovation with various enterprises and the improvement of technology closely related. Our precision parts processing and manufacturing also reached a high level. Smart phone accessories required for mass production in China, the price will be more advantages than the foreign brands. I believe that under the efforts of the Chinese people, China's manufacturing industry in the future will make greater progress! New intelligent mobile phone design and precision parts in the function of the amount of prenatal testing, performance is how to effectively guarantee the stability of the mobile phone manufacturers focus. Especially the precision components of a cell phone played a key role, can improve the quality of the product and functional testing, cell phone to meet the design requirements. For cost-effective and high performance mobile phone, the stability of precision parts is very important. As a result, five axis nc machining has been applied to batch processing and production of mobile phone parts, mobile phone parts processing and production has entered a new era. Smartphone aluminum alloy frame, for example, it is to use CNC precision machining CNC machine tool, the precision and the surface is perfect. Apple still has a lot of mobile phone basically are aluminium alloy, including huawei, many brands such as millet, many mobile phone merchants even put this as a selling point, some mobile phone shell after hard oxidation treatment, make the quality of the products and feel better, this is the innovation of the product process and improvement. In order to keep vitality in the industry, precision parts manufacturers must in the era of progress constantly introducing new equipment, new technology and high-tech talent, so that products can meet customer demand. Especially some precision parts have been adopted by five axis precision machining center, so you also must be the introduction of new equipment, in this way can manufacture behind their peers.
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