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Simple to understand the definition of shenzhen precision parts processing, and the definition of shenzhen precision parts processing

by:HENRY PARTS     2021-02-05
More mechanical precision parts processing process planning design in shenzhen shenzhen definition of precision parts processing: precision hardware especially hardware industry of high precision metal processing category, is a subdivision of common hardware industry, generally refers to accuracy in 0. Metal artifacts within 5 mm. Refers to use hardware into the machine parts or components, as well as some hardware products. It can use alone, also can do to assist. For example, hardware tools, metal parts, daily hardware, building hardware, security products and so on. Hardware products are not the final consumer goods. But as industrial manufacturing of products, semi-finished products and tools used in production process and so on. Only a small part of the daily hardware products ( Accessories) Is a tool for people's life must be kind of consumer goods. Shenzhen precision parts processing precision metal processing processes: one is open to meet the need of production material, open after some such as small parts production to punch and gong cut or CNC machining processing. In the many glasses accessories auto parts production. Container and do a few is after cutting punch to weld, then after sand injection, and then assemble the parts will be ready to ship. And for small parts and after a lot of polishing the surface of the principle, plating or injection. Then the welding or screw assembly packaged goods. Shenzhen given yuan industrial co. , LTD is a shenzhen machinery parts processing, precision parts processing in shenzhen, shenzhen precision parts processing, shenzhen precision metal parts processing, mechanical processing in shenzhen, shenzhen precision processing manufacturers,
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