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Shenzhen sheet metal processing factory explain what is cold

by:HENRY PARTS     2020-04-06
Sheet metal processing factory in shenzhen to explain what is cold sheet metal processing factory in shenzhen, the cold is a common processing ways, so it is specific how to operate? Here are the small make up explain it for you. Shenzhen xin chi da machinery co. , LTD. Shenzhen, sheet metal processing factory, cold is refers to under the below the recrystallization temperature, the processing technology of metal plastic deformation. Cold deformation resistance is big, in the metal forming at the same time, can use the work hardening improve the hardness and strength. It is also a sheet metal cold working of uniqueness, but will reduce the plastic. Cold working in suitable for small parts processing, sheet metal processing, and the transverse dimensions of these small parts are usually small, processing size and surface roughness to demand higher metal parts products. So in a lot of small parts processing, sheet metal processing can adopt the way of cold working. Given yuan machinery co. , LTD is a commitment to the development of coating equipment and related equipment, manufacturing equipment and accessories manufacturing of high-tech enterprises, mainly engaged in coating production of spare parts, precision parts processing, batch parts processing.
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