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Shenzhen mechanical precision parts processing process planning design

by:HENRY PARTS     2020-11-09
The design principle of mechanical precision parts processing more shenzhen: ( 1) The designed technical process should be able to guarantee the quality of the machine parts, Or machine assembly quality) To design is provided in the pattern of the technical requirements. ( 2) Should make the process has high productivity, make the product to the market as soon as possible. ( 3) Try to reduce the manufacturing cost, 4) Pay attention to reduce the labor intensity of workers, to ensure the safety production. The raw data of the precision parts processing: ( 1) Product assembly drawing and part drawing. ( 2) Product acceptance standards. ( 3) The annual production program of the products. ( 5) Factory production conditions, including the specifications of the machine tool equipment and process equipment, performance, and the existing status, technical level of workers, factory homemade process equipment ability and the ability of the factory power supply, gas supply and other relevant information. ( 6) Process planning design, the design of process equipment design need manual and related standards. ( 7) Advanced manufacturing technology at home and abroad data, etc. Content: (precision parts processing step 1) Analysis and study of product assembly drawing and part drawing. ( 2) Determine the blank. ( 3) Drafting process routes, choice positioning base level. ( 4) Determine the process adopted by the equipment. ( 5) Determine the process of cutting tool, jig, measuring tools and auxiliary tools. ( 6) To determine the main process of technical requirements and test methods. ( 7) Determine the machining allowance of each process, calculating the dimension and tolerance. ( 8) Cutting parameter is determined. ( 9) Determine the task time.
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