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Shenzhen main technical requirements of the mechanical parts processing

by:HENRY PARTS     2020-11-08
More 1, shenzhen machinery plant size precision shaft neck shaft parts is the main surface, it affects axis rotation accuracy and working condition. The diameter of the shaft neck accuracy according to the requirements of the use is generally IT6 ~ 9, precision shaft neck of IT5. 2, shenzhen precision machinery processing factory geometry geometry precision of the shaft neck ( Roundness and cylindricity) , the general should be limited in the range of diameter tolerance points. For geometric accuracy requirement is high, can be in the detail drawing shall be stipulated separately on the allowed tolerance. 3, the location precision of mechanical processing plant in shenzhen is mainly refers to the transmission assembly parts with journal relative to the assembly of bearing supporting shaft alignment, is used to cooperate with journal radial circular runout of supporting shaft neck to say; According to the regulations of the demands of high precision shaft is 0. 001-0. 005 mm, and general precision shaft is 0. 01 ~ 0. 03mm。 In addition to the cylinder alignment and axial positioning end face and the axis vertical degree requirements and so on. Surface roughness based on the surface of the parts working parts of the different, can have different surface roughness value, such as the surface roughness of the common machine tool spindle bearing journal for Ra0. 16 ~ 0. 63 um, cooperate with the surface roughness of the shaft neck for Ra0. 632. 5 um, along with the increase of the running speed of the machine and precision of shaft parts surface roughness value requirements will be smaller and smaller. Company is a shenzhen, shenzhen machinery parts processing, precision parts processing, shenzhen precision parts processing, the shenzhen mechanical processing, precision processing factory in shenzhen
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