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Shenzhen machining and you discuss about nc milling machine processing and matters needing attention

by:HENRY PARTS     2020-11-10
More 1, machining parts, must shut the door, no head, hand pull out into the door, in the process of machining are not allowed to open the door; 2, processing process, the operator shall not leave the machine tool, should maintain a highly concentrated thought, and to observe the running condition of machine tool. Or accident in case of abnormal phenomenon, should immediately terminate the program runs, cut off the power supply and timely report guidance teacher, not for other operation; 3, it is forbidden to flap forcibly, touch screen control panel. It is forbidden to tap on a workbench, dividing head, fixture and guide rail; 4, it is strictly prohibited to open numerical control system to watch and touch control cabinet; 5, the operator may not arbitrarily change the machine internal parameters. Internship students may not call, modify other he has compiled program; 6, machine tool on microcomputer control, except for program operation and transfer and copy, don't allow other operations; 7, CNC milling machine belongs to large equipment, in addition to the workbench put tooling and artifacts, do not pile up in machine tool industry, clip, blade, measuring tool, workpiece, and other sundry; 8, no contact point with hands and scrap iron, scrap iron must use iron hook or brush to clean up; 9, prohibited by hand or any other way to contact is spinning spindle or artifacts or other moving parts; 10, prohibited in the process of measuring workpieces, manual transmission, more cannot be wiped with cotton silk artifacts, also cannot clean machine tools; 11, ban on trial operation; 12, using the handwheel or fast way to move the shaft position, be sure to see machine X, Y, Z axis direction ', - 'Sign before you move. While moving slowly changed hands first round direction and correct rear can accelerate the speed of machine movement; 13, the program must be suspended in the operation of the measuring workpiece size, to stay behind the machine stop completely, spindle stalling can be measured, so as to avoid personal accident; 14, machine tools do not use if for a few days, every day to deal with NC and CRT part 2 - current is switched on 3 hours. 15, shutdown, such as spindle stalling 3 minutes rear can turn it off.
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