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Shenzhen large laser cutting processing technology applications have what respect?

by:HENRY PARTS     2020-04-09
Shenzhen large laser cutting processing technology applications have what respect? Laser cutting technology is widely used in metal and non-metallic materials processing, can greatly reduce the processing time, reduce the processing cost, improve the quality of workpiece. Modern laser has become the pursuit of fantasy & all other Very sharp & throughout; The & other; Sword & throughout; 。 Business parthers CO2 laser cutting machine, for example, the whole system consists of control system, motor system, optical system, water system, smoke and gas blowing and other components of the system, adopts the most advanced numerical control mode to realize multi-axis linkage and cutting energy, such as the laser is not affected by the speed at the same time support DXP, PLT, CNC and other graphic formats and strengthen interface graphics processing power; Using imported superior performance of the servo motor and drive orientation structure to achieve good motion precision in high speed condition. When cutting, a beam with coaxial airflow by cutting head, will melt or gasification materials by incision of the bottom blown out ( Note: if the blown gas and thermal effect was cut material reaction, this response will provide additional energy required for cutting; Air flow and cooling has been cut surface, reducing heat affected zone and ensure that the role of the focusing lens is not contaminated) 。 Compared with the traditional plate processing methods, laser cutting has been found to have high cutting quality, Notch width narrow, small heat affected zone, incision smooth) , high cutting speed, high flexible ( Can be optional cut any shape) , wide adaptability, etc. Laser cutting is the application of high power density after focusing the laser energy. And controlled by computer, through the pulse laser discharge, thus the output controlled repeated high frequency pulse laser, the formation of a certain frequency, pulse width of the beam, the pulse laser beam through the light path transmission and reflection and through the focusing lens group focused on the machining surface, forming a subtle, high energy density, intensity, focal spot near to processing surface, with instantaneous high temperature melting or gasification materials processed. Each the object surface in an instant, a high-energy pulse of laser sputtering out a tiny hole, under computer control, laser head and processed materials according to the continuous dot relative motion paint with good graphics in advance, and will combine processing ChengXiang to the shape of the object. Shenzhen xin chi da machinery co. , LTD is a commitment to the development of coating equipment and related equipment, manufacturing equipment and accessories manufacturing of high-tech enterprises, mainly engaged in coating production of spare parts, precision parts processing, shenzhen large laser cutting processing, batch parts processing.
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