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Shenzhen intelligent machinery factory is the trend of The Times

by:HENRY PARTS     2021-04-10
More intelligent manufacturing mechanical technology with the development of social economy is constantly progress, gradually showing a precise self-discipline, man-machine integration, induction identification, super flexible, strong ability to learn and self maintenance, etc. Now, professional and technical personnel to try the application of intelligent manufacturing machinery to the reality of social production, and in welding, stacking, sorting, wharf and increasingly important role in high-risk work environment to replace the human, its high accuracy, high speed, long working hours, liberate the workforce, and low cost operation features such as more and more get the welcome of manufacturing. Shenzhen mechanical processing plants, said an official with the many companies each year the growth of the artificial cost don't listen to, while companies sell things is not necessarily the price increases, and conform to the enterprise long-term development of the advanced talents is hard to find, so a lot of entrepreneurs will target to intelligent machining manufacturing is preferred. 'Intelligent machining has obvious advantage in precision and production, as the direction for the character customization of the equipment manufacturing industry equipment, has a natural advantage. 'May be the start input costs will be relatively larger, but a comparison for a long time, will find that the cost or relative to reduce a lot. Experts pointed out that before the financial crisis brought the global economy since 2008 suffered a major challenge, know that now the economic crisis continues. But at the same time also brought opportunities. Some developed countries have to compete for the economic high ground as the focus of its strategy, the science and technology innovation investment as important strategic investment, the development of high-tech as the main characteristics of the strategic emerging industry as the leading economic and social development of the strategic breakthrough. Because of intelligent manufacturing technology from a certain extent, facilitating and boost the development of strategic emerging industries, so it will become the future support strategic emerging industry development, the core of international competitiveness. So talent is important, but think of some way to get my own business intelligence, is also the trend of The Times in the future.
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