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Say what factors of precision machinery parts processing can lead to distortion

by:HENRY PARTS     2020-10-25
Now with the rapid development of the society, also along with the upgrading of industrialization, precision machinery parts processing occupying the leading status in the industrialization, the industrialization brings the improvement of quality, but it also is bad, will cause the deformation of work, for example, what factors led to the deformation work? Want to know, to find out together. Deformation of the shape and size, complexity, and the size of the wall thickness ratio and width is proportional to grow, is proportional to the stability and rigid material. So when designing parts as far as possible reduce the influence of these factors on the workpiece deformation. Especially in large parts of the structure should be more reasonable structure. Before processing is to strictly control the blank defects such as hardness, osteoporosis, ensure the quality of blank and reduce the deformation of the workpiece. The workpiece clamping, you should choose the correct clamping point, and then according to the position of the clamping point choose proper clamping force. So as far as possible make the clamping point and strong point is consistent, the clamping force on the support, clamping point should be as close to the machined surface, and choose the stress is not easy to cause the position of the clamping deformation. Several direction on when the workpiece clamping force, want to consider the order of clamping force, to make the workpiece clamping force should be contact with supporting role, and not too big, to balance the main clamping force, cutting force should function in the final. Secondly to increase the surface contact between the workpiece and fixture or use axial clamping force. Increase the rigidity of the parts, is a effective way to solve the clamping deformation occurred, but because of the characteristic of the shape and structure of thin wall parts, cause it has lower rigidity. So under the action of the clamping force, can produce deformation. Increase the surface contact between the workpiece and fixture, which can effectively reduce the deformation when workers know the clamping. Such as milling thin-walled, extensive use of elastic clamp, the purpose is to increase the stress of the contact parts area; Turning in cylindrical thin-wall set inside diameter and, regardless of whether they are using simple transition ring opening, or the use of elastic core shaft, the whole arc jaw, etc. , all use of the contact area is increased when the workpiece clamping. This method is helpful to carrying clamping force, so as to avoid deformation of the parts. Using axial clamping force, is widely used in the production, special fixture design can make the clamping force on the face, can solve as workpiece wall thin, poor rigidity, lead to bending deformation of the workpiece. Ningbo precision machinery processing factory has more than ten years is a CNC machining manufacturer of custom parts, specialized in all kinds of high precision parts processing. The company has all kinds of imported and home-made numerical control machine, lathe, precision milling machine, precision grinding machine, 3 d measuring instrument and so on a variety of testing equipment. We can not only produce all kinds of complicated non-standard parts processing, metal parts processing, can also according to the requirements of the clients specializing in the production of provide to map, sample custom all kinds of sheet metal parts.
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