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Questions about the accuracy of precision machining

by:HENRY PARTS     2021-03-22
More in the usual precision machining process, often because some precision problem caused by unqualified parts produced, today we're going to talk about questions about the accuracy of precision machining. An overview of the 1. 1 machining accuracy and precision of machining error refers to the actual parameters after parts processing ( Size, shape and position) Conform to the ideal parameters. Actual processing could not have done exactly the same as that of the ideal parts, there is always a deviation of different size, the actual data of the parts processing after the ideal parameters of deviation degree, referred to as the machining error. This is no way to avoid, only to find a way to go to the machining accuracy of the actual parameters close to the ideal. 1. 2 original errors by numerical control machine tools, jigs and fixtures, precision machining of cutting tool and workpiece process system ( Process system for short) There will be all kinds of errors, the error in a variety of specific work conditions in various ways, Or larger or smaller) Reflect the error for the machining of the workpiece. Process system mainly has the original error system of geometric error, the positioning error, machining error caused by the forced deformation of the process system, technological system of machining error caused by the thermal deformation and stress in workpiece deformation as well as the principle error caused by the redistribution and adjustment error, measurement error, etc. 1. 3 study the method of mechanical machining accuracy precision machining precision of the analysis and calculation method and statistical analysis. As far as possible let error reduced to a minimum. 2 set of process system error of 2. 1 in the geometric error of nc machine tools in processing cutting tool movement relative to the workpiece forming are generally done by nc machine tool, as a result, the workpiece machining accuracy depends largely on the accuracy of nc machine tools. Nc machine tool manufacturing error of influence on machining precision of workpiece are as follows: the error of spindle, guide and transmission chain errors. Nc machine tool wear will bring down the work precision machine tool. So choose good CNC machine also is a kind of method can reduce the error, in general we now domestic production of some of the nc machine tools is far than nc machine tools abroad, compared to domestic output of nc machine tool machining error is bigger. Changzhou knight metal products co. , LTD. Is the introduction of Japan's tianjin on CNC machine, the machine tool not only high precision, and the work efficiency is very high. 2. 1. 1 error of spindle of CNC machine tool spindle is fundamental to the clamping workpiece or tool, and the movement and power to the workpiece and tool, the spindle rotation error will directly affect the machining accuracy. So buying good spindle also is very be necessary. The spindle rotation error refers to the actual rotary spindle each moment axis relative to the average amount of changes in the rotation axis. It can be decomposed into radial circular runout and axial channeling move and swing Angle of three basic forms. Spindle radial rotation error of the main causes are: main shaft passages trunnion coaxiality error, bearing itself of all kinds of error, alignment error between bearing and spindle wound degree, etc. But their influence on the spindle rotation accuracy size is different with the different methods of processing. Is the main reason of the axial channeling dynamic shaft shoulder end face and bearing spindle bearing end face of spindle axis straightness error. Different processing methods, the error caused by the machining error of spindle are also different. On the lathe machining cylindrical and inner hole, the spindle radial rotation error can cause the roundness and cylindricity error of workpiece, but has no direct impact of machining workpiece end face. Axial rotary spindle error on machining cylindrical and the influence of the inner hole is not big, but for the straightness and flatness of end face has great influence. When threading, spindle rotation error to can make the lead of the thread processed produce periodic error. Appropriately raise the manufacturing precision of the spindle and the box body, and the use of high precision bearings, improve the assembly precision of the spindle assembly, to balance of high-speed spindle unit, for rolling bearing preload, etc, all can improve the machine tool spindle rotation accuracy.
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