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Milling - — Milling generation hinge, milling and boring

by:HENRY PARTS     2021-03-06
1. Used for cutting tools and cutting tools is introduced: ningbo mechanical processing plant is vertical milling cutter used tools. Vertical milling cutter is one of the nc machine tool in most milling cutter, its structure. Vertical milling cutter on the cylindrical surface and end face of have a cutting edge, weeks cutting blade and the blade at the same time, also can be individually cut. Vertical milling cutter cutting edges on the surface of the cylindrical main cutting edges, cross section on the cutting edge of vice cutting edges. Main cutting edges generally for helical gear, this will increase the cutting stability, improve the machining accuracy. Due to the common vertical milling cutter end without a cutting edge, the center axial feed mill cutter can't do so, end face of blade is mainly used to machining phase vertical side at the bottom of the plane. The crumbs in order to improve chip curl situation, increase the space, to prevent the chip jams, cutter tooth number is less, let crumbs slot arc radius is larger. General coarse teeth vertical milling cutter teeth for 3 - 4 teeth, serration vertical milling cutter teeth for 5 - Eight teeth, shell structure for 10 - 20 teeth for crumbs slot arc radius r = 2 - 5mm。 When the larger diameter endmill, also can be made into pitch structure, to enhance the earthquake effect, the cutting process smoothly. 2. Process overview: ningbo front several hole processing, mechanical processing plant in essence is a point of machine tool control, machine tool control action process only, not control precision, the accuracy of all reflected in the cutting tool, the precision of the cutting tools will not come up, again good CNC machine also can't work out high precision, high quality of hole, moreover, using the tool, to inconvenience in the knife. These are several machining process of the above shortcomings, and vertical milling cutter for milling hole, can make up for the defect of the processing, can achieve completely with milling generation hinge, milling and boring, with good commonality endmill, finish machining of the hole of a high precision requirements, give full play to the function of CNC system, use program to control precision, which is a new topic in the current CNC application, is to make full use of the numerical control equipment, combined with the numerical control program, simplified technological process optimization of machining process, nc equipment advantages into full play. If you want to finish with milling generation hinge, milling and boring, need spiral machining programming, control end mill spiral trajectory, two and a half shaft and the three axes linkage control, complete a high quality and high parts.com/machining' target='_blank'>precision machining requirements. Above several kinds of hole processing technology, and all have advantages and disadvantages, however, a high quality of hole processing is complete, does not have a fixed process, also non-traditional sense isolated drilling, reaming, boring, milling, sometimes may need to be compound soft together with these processes, sometimes may need to use the existing conditions, local use a special process, at the end of the day, technology is also in the service of the quality. Ningbo mechanical processing plants, in practice, on the basis of improving the quality of parts, we should pay attention to improve efficiency. We are eager to have a better way of machining and the machining process, thus in the numerical control machine tool equipment machinery manufacturing at the same time, in the true sense to improve the quality and efficiency of processing of products, make it play a greater efficiency, better service for our country's economic development.
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