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Milling machining process analysis

by:HENRY PARTS     2021-04-09
More milling and turning movement way, on the other hand, it is rotating multiplayer cutter is used as the rotary motion to cutting the work piece, is a high efficient machining method. When milling, cutting tool rotation ( The main movement) Mobile, workpiece ( Feed movement) , the workpiece can be fixed, but this time rotating cutting tools must also move, the cutting tool to complete the main movement and feed movement at the same time. Milling generally conducted on milling and boring machine, applicable to the machining surface, groove, all kinds of shape such as spline, gear, screw and mould of special type surface, etc. The milling operation considerations: ( 1) Milling irregular artifacts and use the vise, dividing head, or special fixture clamping workpiece, the center of gravity of the irregular workpiece and special fixture vise, dividing head, as far as possible in the middle of the table and department, avoid workbench uneven, deformation; ( 2) In fast, or automatically feed milling, is allowed to put the table into two extremes, lest crushed with screw; ( 3) Are not allowed to use mobile to knife, the knife should be manually; ( 4) Workbench when reversing, the reversing handle must be stopped in the middle position, and then the reversing, cannot be directly commutation; ( 5) Milling keyway axial, or cutting thin workpieces, fight bad dividing head and working mesa milling; ( 6) Milling plane, must use more than four cutter knives, select the appropriate cutting dosage, to prevent the vibration in milling machine tool. Milling is characterized by: milling cutter blade periodically interrupted cutting each, each blade in the process of cutting thickness is variable, each tooth cutter feeding said each turn a blade workpiece relative displacement of time.
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