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Medical precision parts exports, not covet petty gain

by:HENRY PARTS     2020-10-14
Medical precision parts market recently very fire, and all want to come with many suppliers. But many small companies do not qualified, but it is not so good to do export orders, foreign customers the most attention is on quality. When online communication, China mechanical parts processing plant can blow how well quality, behind the wrong goods board is wrong. If sell medical precision parts and components to domestic customers, many customers will directly say, use what medical workers, give me the cheapest civil disposable. Foreign customers won't is the psychological, but they never covet petty gain, if domestic mechanical parts processing factory want to shoddy in raw materials, it is difficult to muddle through. Need leather packing medical precision parts, for example, foreign each link from cattle billet is very attention, every process and link is done, and certified before leaving the factory. Customers in the purchase of their products, it is enjoying their services, such cooperation is they expected mechanical parts processing plant. Many do CNC precision machining friend know, imported leather smell is sweet, but the domestic leather pungent smell. Why, because the domestic many link is omitted, the demand of mechanical parts processing factory is very big, the price is cheap, such services in foreign markets are hard to break the ice, foreign customers fool is not so good.
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