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Medical equipment precision parts processing why so difficult?

by:HENRY PARTS     2020-10-13
Medical equipment, precision parts processing and why is this so difficult? I believe you are not clear. And you look at the below small make up. First, the requirements for machine tools is quite high. Like Switzerland, multiple spindle automatic lathe machine tools and rotary table and other advanced processing equipment, medical devices and often look at the processing center and the lathe is totally different, their size is very small, the structure is very compact. Comply with the requirement, the structure of the cutting tool also needs to have a special design, require the size of the cutting tool also want is very small, even at the same time to ensure that the tool rigidity. Like iscar SWISSCUT series specifically for the CAM type machine tools, reduce the processing area is narrow are prone to interference problems, from both sides of the tool rod can be easily replaced blade, high precision of blade and strong design ensures high repeat positioning accuracy. MINCUT iscar is the latest research and development of cutting tool, can be used for turning, also can be used for milling, small size cutting tool has high rigidity, can be applied to multiple spindle on machine tools or machining centers. Second, to require high machining efficiency. For medical equipment, precision parts processing, the most value is the machining efficiency and machining time, requirements in the shortest possible time, to be able to replace the blade. Iscar MULTI - MASTER the transformers can be in series of the cutting tools, it only takes a few seconds can change different milling cutter head. Quick change the concept of cutting head, the machining time has the very good guarantee. In addition, the required tool life as stable as possible, as long as possible. Should as far as possible, using high quality cutting tools, both coating, blade, cutting tool and chip breaker groove structure form of the overall coordination. In this way, can guarantee the machine running 24 hours a day, can with very high production efficiency and competing with other competitors on the market, so as to gain a competitive advantage. Third, from the artifact itself, and other mechanical parts is a big difference. Implanted medical devices first requirement surface finish is very good, the precision is very high, can't have any deviation, which requires cutting tool from the structural design of the blade to blade coating design to meet the high processing requirements. In addition, also includes the repositioning precision of the blade, the guarantee of efficiency at the same time can not ignore the demands of high quality. If you need to know more information about medical equipment precision parts processing, welcome to click into our company's website http://www. henryparts。 com/
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