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Mechanical parts processing, to provide test report

by:HENRY PARTS     2021-02-16
There is a need of mechanical parts processing customers, see our company's website on the Internet, launched an inquiry. Their company need to customize a intelligent CNC parts processing model, concurrent to the machining of precision parts drawings, let's confirm whether can be processed. Of course, they fear most is the accuracy requirement. Because already inquiry several, all said can't do the precision. Our customers told us, there are now several can meet their requirements, all say can do, we are one of them. They would like to have an offer that several, let them to assess, finally choosing a high performance/price ratio, and integrated services. The customer said the price is not the only factor, finally to see the overall strength, the most significance of their company's quality. A tall person, the customer finally chose our service. Actually, our price is not the lowest, can be selected key customer or because our overall service level is in line with their expectations. Especially we promised them, and after completion of the mechanical parts processing, can produce from the third party inspection report, if there are any problems, free weight do meet the requirements, make them very comfortable. Precision parts processing on the market in ningbo, just from the price, we offer counterparts will be higher than normal, but our quality is higher than a big cut. For many customers to hesitate, we are welcome customers to visit our factory, look at our processing production line, will have the confidence of cooperation. Like such a powerful mechanical parts processing supplier, you still have what can hesitate?
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