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Mechanical parts processing technical requirements

by:HENRY PARTS     2021-01-28
In the field of mechanical parts processing industry, generally the use of mechanical parts processing drawings, drawings will indicate the mechanical parts processing procedure, process and requirements, today we take a look at the mechanical parts processing technical requirements for what! The outline of a, parts processing: 1, not note tolerances shall comply with GB1184 - shape The requirements of 80. 2, not note length allowed deviation plus or minus 0. 5mm。 3, did not note radius R5. 4, did not note chamfer of C2. 5, acute blunt. 6, sharp edge blunt, deburring flash. Second, parts surface treatment 1, parts processing on the surface, there should be no damage on the surface of the parts defects such as scratches and bruises. 2, the processing of the surface of the screw thread are not allowed to have defects such as black, knock against, disorderly buckle and burr. All the need for coating of steel surface before painting, must be rust, scale, grease, dust, dirt, salt and dirt removed. Before 3, rust removal, with organic solvent, alkali, emulsifier, such as steam to remove oil and dirt on the surface of the steel parts. 4 by shot peening or remove rust, coating surface and the interval primer should not be more than 6 h. 5, riveting pieces of mutual contact surface, in front of the connection must be for 30 to 40 microns antirust paint coating thickness. Overlapping edges used paint, putty or bonding agent. Due to the machining or welding damage of the primer, coating again. 3, 1, conditioning treatment after heat-treatment, HRC50 ~ 55. 2, medium carbon steel 45, or 40 cr parts for high frequency quenching, 350 ~ 370 ℃ tempering, HRC40 ~ 45. 3, carburized depth of 0. 3mm。 4, high temperature aging treatment. Through small share, everybody is of mechanical parts processing technical requirements have a preliminary understanding, hope the above content to be of help!
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