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Mechanical parts processing lathe malfunction diagnosis?

by:HENRY PARTS     2021-02-07
Precision parts processing and manufacturing is based on high precision machinery parts processing. Using systematic and integrated theory and technology, in accordance with the requirements of machining workpiece structure and realize feeding, processing, testing, handling organic combination and optimization, such as the mechanical parts processing lathe in malfunction diagnosis? Mechanical parts processing lathe maintenance staff to grasp the principle of internal after external first, namely after the mechanical failure, maintenance personnel should be by adopting the method of inspection, auscultation and olfaction, inquiry, and listening, asking and inspected by the outgoing one by one. A, first after the static dynamic: maintenance personnel to do static after the move first, not to blindly, should first ask the process of mechanical parts processing operators failure and status, check the manual, data rear can begin to find the cause of the problem, then troubleshooting, second, the first simple after complex: metal processing machine tools are intertwined with a variety of failures, cover up, at that time do not know how to start, should first solve the problem of easy, and solve bigger problems. Often in the process of solving simple fault, difficult problem can be easily, ideas, will be difficult to become easier. Three, after mechanical electrical: due to mechanical parts lathe processing is a high degree of automation, technologically sophisticated advanced mechanical processing equipment. Mechanical failure is easy to find, and system fault diagnosis is difficult to a few bigger. Four, after the first public: public sexual problems will affect the global, but only affects local specificity. Five, the first general after special: beyond a certain failure, should first consider the possibility of the most common reason, and then analyze rare special reasons. That is about how lathe machinery parts processing, and the failure diagnosis of the related content, the hope can help a friend in need, yuan is a professional engaged in precision machinery parts processing, non-standard automatic machine parts, machining tooling fixture design development and production of professional company, welcome to yuan, we will regularly for you to share information about the mechanical parts processing.
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